RTOp_SubVector Struct Reference
[Public declarations, typedefs and misc functions.]

#include <RTOp.h>

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Public Attributes

RTOp_index_type global_offset
RTOp_index_type sub_dim
const RTOp_value_typevalues
ptrdiff_t values_stride

Detailed Description

Struct for a non-mutable sub-vector.

For a sub-vector vec, the corresponding entries in the global vector x(j) (one based) are as follows:

	x( vec.global_offset + k )
		= vec.values[ vec.value_stride * (k-1) ]

	for k = 1,...,vec.sub_dim

The stride member vec.value_stride may be positive (>0), negative (<0) or even zero (0). A negative stride vec.value_stride < 0 allows a reverse traversal of the elements in vec.values[]. A zero stride vec.value_stride == 0 allows a vector with all the elements the same.

To avoid making mistakes in setting the members of this struct use one of the helper functions RTOp_sub_vector(), or RTOp_sub_vector_null().

Definition at line 284 of file RTOp.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 286 of file RTOp.h.

Definition at line 288 of file RTOp.h.

Definition at line 290 of file RTOp.h.

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