Perl script that generates options files for MoochoSolver

The script, which gets installed in $TRILINOS_INSTALL_DIR/tools/moocho/ (where $TRILINOS_INSTALL_DIR is the same as the configure option --prefix), generates a Moocho.opt file in the current directory to be read in by a MoochoSolver object.

Here is the output from -h:

Use: [-h] [-s] [-m,-i]
  -h : Prints this help message
  -s : Ommits comments form the generated Moocho.opt file
  -m : Include options for MamaJama (active-set) config (default)
  -i : Include options for IP config

Perl scipt that generates a MOOCHO options file named "Moocho.opt" in the
current working directory.

See the list of options stripped of comments and with full comments.

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