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 Abstract ()
virtual ~Abstract ()
checkStatus (const LOCA::Stepper &stepper, LOCA::StatusTest::CheckType checkType)=0
 Test the stopping criterion
getStatus () const =0
 Return the result of the most recent checkStatus call.
virtual ostream & print (ostream &stream, int indent=0) const =0
 Output formatted description of stopping test to output stream.

Member Function Documentation

virtual LOCA::StatusTest::StatusType LOCA::StatusTest::Abstract::checkStatus ( const LOCA::Stepper stepper,
LOCA::StatusTest::CheckType  checkType 
) [pure virtual]

Test the stopping criterion

The test can (and should, if possible) be skipped if checkType is LOCA::StatusType::None. If the test is skipped, then the status should be set to LOCA::StatusTest::Unevaluated.

Implemented in LOCA::StatusTest::Combo, and LOCA::StatusTest::MaxIters.

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