Optika::FileNameValidator Class Reference

#include <Optika_SpecificParameterEntryValidators.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 FileNameValidator (bool mustAlreadyExist=false)
bool fileMustExist () const
bool setFileMustExist (bool shouldFileExist)
Teuchos::RCP< const
Teuchos::Array< std::string > > 
validStringValues () const
void validate (Teuchos::ParameterEntry const &entry, std::string const &paramName, std::string const &sublistName) const
void printDoc (std::string const &docString, std::ostream &out) const

Detailed Description

Simply indicates that the parameter entry with this validator should contain a filename.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Optika::FileNameValidator::FileNameValidator ( bool  mustAlreadyExist = false  ) 

Constructs a FileNameValidator.

mustAlreadyExist True if the file the user specifies should already exists, false otherwise.

Member Function Documentation

bool Optika::FileNameValidator::fileMustExist (  )  const

Gets the variable describing whether or not this validator wants the file that is specified to already exist.

Whether or not the validator requires the file to already exist
bool Optika::FileNameValidator::setFileMustExist ( bool  shouldFileExist  ) 

Sets whether or not the validator requires the file to already exist.

shouldFileExist True if the file should already exist, false otherwise.
The new value of the shouldFileExist variable.

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