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struct  apply
 Turn ADvar into a meta-function class usable with mpl::apply. More...

Public Types

typedef IndepADvar< Double > IndepADVar
typedef IndepADVar::ADVari ADVari
typedef ConstADvari< Double > ConstADVari
typedef ADvar1< Double > ADVar1

Public Member Functions

 ADvar (Ttype d)
 ADvar (double i)
 ADvar (int i)
 ADvar (long i)
 Allow_noderiv (inline ADvar(void *v, int wd):IndepADVar(v, wd){}) friend ADvar &ADvar_operatoreq<>(ADvar *
const ADVariADvar (const IndepADVar &x)
 ADvar (const ADvar &x)
 ADvar (const ADVari &x)
ADvaroperator= (const ADVari &x)
ADvaroperator= (Double)
ADvaroperator+= (const ADVari &)
ADvaroperator+= (Double)
ADvaroperator-= (const ADVari &)
ADvaroperator-= (Double)
ADvaroperator*= (const ADVari &)
ADvaroperator*= (Double)
ADvaroperator/= (const ADVari &)
ADvaroperator/= (Double)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool get_fpval_implies_const (void)
static void set_fpval_implies_const (bool newval)
static bool setget_fpval_implies_const (bool newval)
static void Gradcomp (int wantgrad)
static void Gradcomp ()
static void aval_reset ()
static void Weighted_Gradcomp (size_t n, ADvar **v, Double *w)
static void Outvar_Gradcomp (ADvar &v)


class ADvar1< Double >

template<typename Double>
class Sacado::Rad::ADvar< Double >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Double >
const ADVari& Sacado::Rad::ADvar< Double >::ADvar ( const IndepADVar x  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

template<typename Double >
Sacado::Rad::ADvar< Double >::Allow_noderiv (  ) 


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