stk::OctTreeKey Class Reference

Type for identifying a particular node in a hierarchical oct-tree. More...

#include <OctTree.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  { MaxDepth = 16 }
enum  { MaskIndex = 0x0f }
enum  { BitsPerIndex = 4 }
enum  { BitsPerWord = std::numeric_limits<value_type>::digits }
enum  { IndexPerWord = BitsPerWord / BitsPerIndex }
enum  { NWord = MaxDepth / IndexPerWord }
enum  { OKBits = StaticAssert< 0 == BitsPerWord % BitsPerIndex >::OK }
enum  { OKWord = StaticAssert< 0 == MaxDepth % IndexPerWord >::OK }
typedef unsigned value_type
 Integer type for the key components and indices.

Public Member Functions

 OctTreeKey ()
 Default construct to the root node.
 OctTreeKey (const OctTreeKey &k)
 Copy construct.
OctTreeKeyoperator= (const OctTreeKey &k)
unsigned depth () const
 Query depth of this key.
unsigned index (const unsigned Depth) const
 Index of the key at the depth [1..8] A zero value indicates it is not defined at that depth.
OctTreeKeyclear_index (const unsigned Depth)
 Clear index at depth.
OctTreeKeyset_index (const unsigned Depth, const unsigned Index)
 Set index at depth.
const value_typevalue () const
 Query raw value.
OctTreeKeyset_value (const value_type *val)
 Set raw value.
bool intersect (const OctTreeKey &k) const
 Intersects if either key contains the other.

Detailed Description

Type for identifying a particular node in a hierarchical oct-tree.

Definition at line 35 of file OctTree.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool stk::OctTreeKey::intersect ( const OctTreeKey k  )  const

Intersects if either key contains the other.

Definition at line 139 of file OctTree.cpp.

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