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amesos_camd_internal.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "amesos_UFconfig.h"
#include "amesos_camd.h"
#include <assert.h>
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#define EMPTY   (-1)
#define FLIP(i)   (-(i)-2)
#define UNFLIP(i)   ((i < EMPTY) ? FLIP (i) : (i))
#define MAX(a, b)   (((a) > (b)) ? (a) : (b))
#define MIN(a, b)   (((a) < (b)) ? (a) : (b))
#define IMPLIES(p, q)   (!(p) || (q))
#define TRUE   (1)
#define FALSE   (0)
#define PRIVATE   static
#define GLOBAL
#define EMPTY   (-1)
#define NULL   0
#define SIZE_T_MAX   ((size_t) (-1))
#define Int   int
#define ID   "%d"
#define Int_MAX   INT_MAX
#define CAMD_order   amesos_camd_order
#define CAMD_defaults   amesos_camd_defaults
#define CAMD_control   amesos_camd_control
#define CAMD_info   amesos_camd_info
#define CAMD_1   amesos_camd_1
#define CAMD_2   amesos_camd_2
#define CAMD_valid   amesos_camd_valid
#define CAMD_cvalid   amesos_camd_cvalid
#define CAMD_aat   amesos_camd_aat
#define CAMD_postorder   amesos_camd_postorder
#define CAMD_post_tree   amesos_camd_post_tree
#define CAMD_dump   amesos_camd_dump
#define CAMD_debug   amesos_camd_debug
#define CAMD_debug_init   amesos_camd_debug_init
#define CAMD_preprocess   amesos_camd_preprocess
#define PRINTF(params)   { if (amesos_camd_printf != NULL) (void) amesos_camd_printf params ; }
#define EXTERN   extern
#define ASSERT(expression)   (assert (expression))
#define CAMD_DEBUG0(params)   { PRINTF (params) ; }
#define CAMD_DEBUG1(params)   { if (CAMD_debug >= 1) PRINTF (params) ; }
#define CAMD_DEBUG2(params)   { if (CAMD_debug >= 2) PRINTF (params) ; }
#define CAMD_DEBUG3(params)   { if (CAMD_debug >= 3) PRINTF (params) ; }
#define CAMD_DEBUG4(params)   { if (CAMD_debug >= 4) PRINTF (params) ; }


GLOBAL size_t CAMD_aat (Int n, const Int Ap[], const Int Ai[], Int Len[], Int Tp[], double Info[])
GLOBAL void CAMD_1 (Int n, const Int Ap[], const Int Ai[], Int P[], Int Pinv[], Int Len[], Int slen, Int S[], double Control[], double Info[], const Int C[])
GLOBAL Int CAMD_postorder (Int j, Int k, Int n, Int head[], Int next[], Int post[], Int stack[])
GLOBAL void CAMD_preprocess (Int n, const Int Ap[], const Int Ai[], Int Rp[], Int Ri[], Int W[], Int Flag[])
GLOBAL void CAMD_debug_init (char *s)
GLOBAL void CAMD_dump (Int n, Int Pe[], Int Iw[], Int Len[], Int iwlen, Int pfree, Int Nv[], Int Next[], Int Last[], Int Head[], Int Elen[], Int Degree[], Int W[], Int nel, Int BucketSet[], const Int C[], Int Curc)



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#define EMPTY   (-1)

Definition at line 145 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define FLIP (   i)    (-(i)-2)

Definition at line 122 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define UNFLIP (   i)    ((i < EMPTY) ? FLIP (i) : (i))

Definition at line 123 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define MAX (   a,
)    (((a) > (b)) ? (a) : (b))

Definition at line 126 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define MIN (   a,
)    (((a) < (b)) ? (a) : (b))

Definition at line 127 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define IMPLIES (   p,
)    (!(p) || (q))

Definition at line 130 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define TRUE   (1)

Definition at line 141 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define FALSE   (0)

Definition at line 142 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define PRIVATE   static

Definition at line 143 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define GLOBAL

Definition at line 144 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define EMPTY   (-1)

Definition at line 145 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define NULL   0

Definition at line 154 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define SIZE_T_MAX   ((size_t) (-1))

Definition at line 158 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define Int   int

Definition at line 192 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define ID   "%d"

Definition at line 193 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define Int_MAX   INT_MAX

Definition at line 194 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_order   amesos_camd_order

Definition at line 196 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_defaults   amesos_camd_defaults

Definition at line 197 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_control   amesos_camd_control

Definition at line 198 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_info   amesos_camd_info

Definition at line 199 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_1   amesos_camd_1

Definition at line 200 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_2   amesos_camd_2

Definition at line 201 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_valid   amesos_camd_valid

Definition at line 202 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_cvalid   amesos_camd_cvalid

Definition at line 203 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_aat   amesos_camd_aat

Definition at line 204 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_postorder   amesos_camd_postorder

Definition at line 205 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_post_tree   amesos_camd_post_tree

Definition at line 206 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_dump   amesos_camd_dump

Definition at line 207 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_debug   amesos_camd_debug

Definition at line 208 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_debug_init   amesos_camd_debug_init

Definition at line 209 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_preprocess   amesos_camd_preprocess

Definition at line 210 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define PRINTF (   params)    { if (amesos_camd_printf != NULL) (void) amesos_camd_printf params ; }

Definition at line 219 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 282 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define ASSERT (   expression)    (assert (expression))

Definition at line 318 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_DEBUG0 (   params)    { PRINTF (params) ; }

Definition at line 321 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_DEBUG1 (   params)    { if (CAMD_debug >= 1) PRINTF (params) ; }

Definition at line 322 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_DEBUG2 (   params)    { if (CAMD_debug >= 2) PRINTF (params) ; }

Definition at line 323 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_DEBUG3 (   params)    { if (CAMD_debug >= 3) PRINTF (params) ; }

Definition at line 324 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

#define CAMD_DEBUG4 (   params)    { if (CAMD_debug >= 4) PRINTF (params) ; }

Definition at line 325 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

Function Documentation

GLOBAL size_t CAMD_aat ( Int  n,
const Int  Ap[],
const Int  Ai[],
Int  Len[],
Int  Tp[],
double  Info[] 

Definition at line 22 of file amesos_camd_aat.c.

GLOBAL void CAMD_1 ( Int  n,
const Int  Ap[],
const Int  Ai[],
Int  P[],
Int  Pinv[],
Int  Len[],
Int  slen,
Int  S[],
double  Control[],
double  Info[],
const Int  C[] 

Definition at line 31 of file amesos_camd_1.c.

GLOBAL Int CAMD_postorder ( Int  j,
Int  k,
Int  n,
Int  head[],
Int  next[],
Int  post[],
Int  stack[] 

Definition at line 20 of file amesos_camd_l_postorder.c.

GLOBAL void CAMD_preprocess ( Int  n,
const Int  Ap[],
const Int  Ai[],
Int  Rp[],
Int  Ri[],
Int  W[],
Int  Flag[] 

Definition at line 31 of file amesos_camd_preprocess.c.

GLOBAL void CAMD_debug_init ( char *  s)

Definition at line 30 of file amesos_camd_dump.c.

GLOBAL void CAMD_dump ( Int  n,
Int  Pe[],
Int  Iw[],
Int  Len[],
Int  iwlen,
Int  pfree,
Int  Nv[],
Int  Next[],
Int  Last[],
Int  Head[],
Int  Elen[],
Int  Degree[],
Int  W[],
Int  nel,
Int  BucketSet[],
const Int  C[],
Int  Curc 

Definition at line 57 of file amesos_camd_dump.c.

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Definition at line 285 of file amesos_camd_internal.h.

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