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Anasazi::TsqrOrthoFault Class Reference

Orthogonalization fault. More...

#include <AnasaziTsqrOrthoManager.hpp>

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Anasazi::OrthoError Anasazi::AnasaziError

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Orthogonalization fault.

Stewart (SISC 2008) gives a Block Gram-Schmidt (BGS) with reorthogonalization algorithm. An "orthogonalization fault" is what happens when the second BGS pass does not succeed (which is possible in BGS, but not possible in (non-block) Gram-Schmidt if you use Stewart's randomization procedure). Stewart gives an algorithm for recovering from an orthogonalization fault, but the algorithm is expensive: it involves careful reorthogonalization with non-block Gram-Schmidt. We choose instead to report the orthogonalization fault and let users recover from it.

This is not a (subclass of) TsqrOrthoError, because the latter is a logic or runtime bug, whereas a TsqrOrthoFault is a property of the input and admits recovery.

Definition at line 72 of file AnasaziTsqrOrthoManager.hpp.

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