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TSQR::CombineFortran< Scalar, is_complex > Class Template Reference

Interface to Fortran 2003 back end of TSQR::Combine. More...

#include <Tsqr_CombineFortran.hpp>

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static bool QR_produces_R_factor_with_nonnegative_diagonal ()

Detailed Description

template<class Scalar, bool is_complex = ScalarTraits< Scalar >::is_complex>
class TSQR::CombineFortran< Scalar, is_complex >

Interface to Fortran 2003 back end of TSQR::Combine.

TSQR::Combine has three implementations: CombineDefault, CombineNative, and CombineFortran. The latter, implemented in this file, is a C++ front end to a Fortran 2003 implementation. CombineFortran is not templated on the Ordinal type, because the Fortran implementation uses int for that.

Definition at line 52 of file Tsqr_CombineFortran.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Scalar , bool is_complex = ScalarTraits< Scalar >::is_complex>
static bool TSQR::CombineFortran< Scalar, is_complex >::QR_produces_R_factor_with_nonnegative_diagonal ( ) [static]

Whether or not the QR factorizations computed by methods of this class produce an R factor with all nonnegative diagonal entries.

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