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namespace  ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils
namespace  Brents1DMinimizationUtils
namespace  BrentsLineSearchUtils
namespace  GoldenQuadInterpBracketUtils
namespace  Exceptions


class  ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearch
 Linesearch subclass implementing a backtracking-only line search using an Armijo cord test condition and a quadratic interploation. More...
class  Brents1DMinimization
 Simple concrete class that implements a 1D algorithm to mimimize a 1D function. More...
class  BrentsLineSearch
 Linesearch subclass implementing a function-value-only approximate minimization algorithm using bracketing and then Brent's 1D minimization method. More...
class  GoldenQuadInterpBracket
 Simple concrete class that implements a 1D algorithm to bracket the minimum of a 1D merit function. More...
class  LineSearchBase
 Base class for 1D linearsearch algorithms. More...
class  MeritFunc1DBase
 Base class for 1D merit fucntions used in globalization methods. More...
struct  PointEval1D
 Represents the evaluation point of the merit function phi(alpha) and/or is derivative Dphi(alpha). More...
class  TestLagrPolyMeritFunc1D
 Lagrange Polynomial Merit Function used in testing. More...


std::string GlobiPack_Version ()
 Print the version of GlobiPack.
template<typename Scalar >
const RCP
< TestLagrPolyMeritFunc1D
< Scalar > > 
testLagrPolyMeritFunc1D (const ArrayView< const Scalar > &alpha, const ArrayView< const Scalar > &phi)

Function Documentation

std::string GlobiPack::GlobiPack_Version ( )

Print the version of GlobiPack.

Definition at line 34 of file GlobiPack_Version.cpp.

template<typename Scalar >
const RCP<TestLagrPolyMeritFunc1D<Scalar> > GlobiPack::testLagrPolyMeritFunc1D ( const ArrayView< const Scalar > &  alpha,
const ArrayView< const Scalar > &  phi 

Definition at line 122 of file GlobiPack_TestLagrPolyMeritFunc1D_decl.hpp.

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