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ml_anasazi.h File Reference

Interface to the Trilinos package Anasazi. More...

#include "ml_include.h"
#include "ml_struct.h"
#include "ml_smoother.h"
#include "Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp"
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namespace  ML_Anasazi

ML_Anasazi: default namespace for all Anasazi interfaces.


int ML_Anasazi::Interface (const Epetra_RowMatrix *RowMatrix, Epetra_MultiVector &EigenVectors, double RealEigenvalues[], double ImagEigenvalues[], Teuchos::ParameterList &List, double RealEigenvectors[]=0, double ImagEigenvectors[]=0, int *NumRealEigenvectors=0, int *NumImagEigenvectors=0, ML *ml=0)
 Interface to Anasazi to eigen-computations.
int ML_Anasazi::GetFieldOfValuesBox (const Epetra_RowMatrix *RowMatrix, double &MaxReal, double &MaxImag, Teuchos::ParameterList &AnasaziList)
 Computes the size of a box containing the field of values.
int ML_Anasazi_Get_FieldOfValuesBox_Interface (ML_Operator *Amat, struct ML_Field_Of_Values *fov)
 Interface from C code to Anasazi to compute the field of values.
int ML_Anasazi_Get_SpectralNorm_Anasazi (ML_Operator *Amat, ML_Smoother *smoother, int MaxIters, double Tolerance, int IsProblemSymmetric, int UseDiagonalScaling, double *LambdaMax)
 Interface from C code to Anasazi to compute the maximum eigenvalue.

Detailed Description

Interface to the Trilinos package Anasazi.

Anasazi can be used by ML to eigenvalue computations. The user can:

Marzio Sala, SNL (9214)
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