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AbstractLinAlgPack::DirectSparseSolverDense::FactorizationNonzerosDense Class Reference

Stores the factorization nonzeros for Dense. More...

#include <AbstractLinAlgPack_DirectSparseSolverDense.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef FortranTypes::f_int f_int

Private Attributes

DMatrix LU_
bool rect_analyze_and_factor_
std::valarray< f_intipiv_
IVector basis_perm_


class DirectSparseSolverDense
class BasisMatrixDense

Detailed Description

Stores the factorization nonzeros for Dense.

Definition at line 110 of file AbstractLinAlgPack_DirectSparseSolverDense.hpp.

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friend class DirectSparseSolverDense [friend]
friend class BasisMatrixDense [friend]

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