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IterationPack::TestingPack Namespace Reference


bool TestIterationPack (std::ostream *out)
 Test all of IterationPack.
bool TestIterQuantityAccessContiguous (std::ostream *out)
bool TestAlgorithmState (std::ostream *out)
bool TestAlgorithm (std::ostream *out)

Function Documentation

bool IterationPack::TestingPack::TestIterationPack ( std::ostream *  out)

Test all of IterationPack.

Definition at line 34 of file IterationPack_TestIterationPack.cpp.

bool IterationPack::TestingPack::TestIterQuantityAccessContiguous ( std::ostream *  out)
bool IterationPack::TestingPack::TestAlgorithmState ( std::ostream *  out)

Definition at line 78 of file IterationPack_TestAlgorithmState.cpp.

bool IterationPack::TestingPack::TestAlgorithm ( std::ostream *  out)

Definition at line 129 of file IterationPack_TestAlgorithm.cpp.

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