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NOX::Abstract Namespace Reference

NOX abstract interface for vector and group More...


class  Group
 NOX pure abstract interface to a "group"; i.e., a solution vector and the corresponding F-vector, Jacobian matrix, gradient vector, and Newton vector. More...
class  MultiVector
 Abstract interface for multi-vectors used by NOX. More...
class  PrePostOperator
 NOX's pure virtual class to allow users to insert pre and post operations into nox's solvers (before and after the NOX::Solver::Generic::iterate() and NOX::Solver::Generic::solve() methods). More...
class  Vector
 NOX's pure abstract vector interface for vectors that are used by the nonlinear solver. More...

Detailed Description

NOX abstract interface for vector and group

The user should implement their own concrete implementation of this class or use one of the implementations provided by us, as defined in the NOX::Epetra and NOX::LAPACK namespaces.

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