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Epetra-based Model Evaluator subclass for Charon! More...


Teuchos::RCP< const
Teuchos::ParameterList > 
getValidPiroParameters ()
std::string Piro_Version ()

Detailed Description

Epetra-based Model Evaluator subclass for Charon!

Epetra-based NOX Solver.

Decorator class that creates a W (Jacobian) operator using Matrix-Free directional derivatives.

This class will support a wide number of different types of abstract problem types that will allow NOX, LOCA, Rythmos, Aristos, and MOOCHO to solve different types of problems with Charon.

ToDo: Finish documentation!

This class takes a model evaluator that supports a residual calculation, and adds support for the W matrix as an epetra_operator.

This class is the ModelEvaluator version of NOX_Epetra_MatrixFree. One difference, is that it supports time-dependent problems when x_dot != null, and using alpha and beta.

This class will

ToDo: Finish documentation!

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