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Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar > Class Template Reference

Standard composite observer subclass. More...

#include <Rythmos_CompositeIntegratorObserver.hpp>

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template<class Scalar >
< CompositeIntegratorObserver
< Scalar > > 
compositeIntegratorObserver ()
 Non-member constructor.


 CompositeIntegratorObserver ()
void addObserver (const RCP< IntegrationObserverBase< Scalar > > &observer)

Overridden from IntegrationObserverBase

virtual RCP
< IntegrationObserverBase
< Scalar > > 
cloneIntegrationObserver () const
virtual void resetIntegrationObserver (const TimeRange< Scalar > &integrationTimeDomain)
virtual void observeCompletedTimeStep (const StepperBase< Scalar > &stepper, const StepControlInfo< Scalar > &stepCtrlInfo, const int timeStepIter)

Detailed Description

template<class Scalar>
class Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >

Standard composite observer subclass.

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Definition at line 45 of file Rythmos_CompositeIntegratorObserver.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Scalar >
Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >::CompositeIntegratorObserver ( )

Definition at line 115 of file Rythmos_CompositeIntegratorObserver.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Scalar >
void Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >::addObserver ( const RCP< IntegrationObserverBase< Scalar > > &  observer)

Definition at line 120 of file Rythmos_CompositeIntegratorObserver.hpp.

template<class Scalar >
RCP< IntegrationObserverBase< Scalar > > Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >::cloneIntegrationObserver ( ) const [virtual]
template<class Scalar >
void Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >::resetIntegrationObserver ( const TimeRange< Scalar > &  integrationTimeDomain) [virtual]
template<class Scalar >
void Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >::observeCompletedTimeStep ( const StepperBase< Scalar > &  stepper,
const StepControlInfo< Scalar > &  stepCtrlInfo,
const int  timeStepIter 
) [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<class Scalar >
RCP< CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar > > compositeIntegratorObserver ( ) [related]

Non-member constructor.

Definition at line 98 of file Rythmos_CompositeIntegratorObserver.hpp.

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