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Sacado::FlopCounterPack Namespace Reference


class  FlopCounts
 Class storing flop counts and summary flop counts. More...
class  ScalarFlopCounter
 Templated flop counter class. More...


std::ostream & printCountersTable (const int n, const char *names[], const char *abbr[], const FlopCounts counts[], std::ostream &out)
 Print a list of flop counts into a single table.

Function Documentation

std::ostream & Sacado::FlopCounterPack::printCountersTable ( const int  n,
const char *  names[],
const char *  abbr[],
const FlopCounts  counts[],
std::ostream &  out 

Print a list of flop counts into a single table.

n[in] Number of columns of flop counts
names[in] Array (length n) of the names of each set of flop counts that will be used in the legend.
abbr[in] Array (length n) of abbreviated names (less than 10 chars in length) that will be used as the column headings.
counts[in] Array (length n) of the flop counts themselves.
out[out] Stream that formated table is ouput to.

Definition at line 200 of file Sacado_ScalarFlopCounter.cpp.

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