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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
stk::diag::_resetiosflagsClass _resetiosflags is the reset ios flags reset manipulator
stk::diag::_setfillClass _setfill is the fill character manipulator
stk::diag::_setiosflagsClass _setiosflags is the flags manipulator
stk::diag::_setlinemaskClass _setlinemask is the line mask manipulator
stk::diag::_setprecisionClass _setprecision is the precision manipulator
stk::diag::_setwClass _setw is the width manipulator
stk::linsys::AggregateLinearSystemContainer for holding and manipulating collections of matrices and vectors
stk::basic_indent_streambuf< Ch, Tr >Class basic_indent_streambuf implements a output streambuf that performs indentation, blank line removal and outline bracing, sending the result character stream to another output stream buffer
stk::basic_tee_streambuf< Ch, Tr >Class basic_tee_streambuf maintains a list of destination output stream buffers to send written characters to
stk::search::bih::BihTree< RangeBoundingVolume, COMPARE_MODE >Bih tree
stk::BootstrapClass Bootstrap serves as a bootstrapping mechanism for products in the sierra toolkit and elsewhere
stk::BroadcastArgClass BroadcastArg creates a copy of argc and argv after broadcasting them from processor 0
stk::mesh::BucketA container for the field data of a homogeneous collection of entities
stk::mesh::BucketArray< FieldType >Field data Array for a given array field and bucket
stk::mesh::BucketArray< Field< ScalarType, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Tag4, Tag5, Tag6, Tag7 > >Field data Array for a given array field and bucket
stk::mesh::BucketArray< Field< ScalarType, void, void, void, void, void, void, void > >Field data Array for a given scalar field and bucket
stk::mesh::BucketIteratorA random access iterator for a bucket that dereferences to a entity reference
stk::mesh::BulkDataManager for an integrated collection of entities, entity relations, and buckets of field data
stk::diag::c_ptr_< T >Class c_ptr_ simply stores a pointer to an object of type T
stk::diag::c_ptr_func_< T, R >Class c_ptr_func_ simply stores a pointer to an object of type T
stk::mesh::CartesianImplement an shards::ArrayDimTag for Cartesian coordinate dimensions
stk::diag::CPUTimeCPU runtime metric tag
stk::CSetSet of entities of arbitrary types
stk::mesh::CylindricalImplement an shards::ArrayDimTag for Cylindrical coordinate dimensions
stk::parallel::DistributedIndexParallel cross-reference index for a collection of keys
stk::linsys::DofMapperPerform mappings between degrees-of-freedom and equation-indices
stk::mesh::ElementNodeDefine an array dimension of the number of nodes per element
stk::mesh::EntityA fundamental unit within the discretization of a problem domain, including but not limited to nodes, edges, sides, and elements
stk::mesh::EntityArray< FieldType >Field data Array for a given array field and entity
stk::mesh::EntityArray< Field< ScalarType, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Tag4, Tag5, Tag6, Tag7 > >Field data Array for a given array field and entity
stk::mesh::EntityDimensionImplement ArrayDimTag for the entity count dimension of a BucketArray
stk::mesh::EntityKeyInteger type for the entity keys, which is an encoding of the entity type and entity identifier
stk::mesh::EntityLessComparison operator for entities compares the entities' keys
stk::EqualCaseCase-insensitive equality compare binary function object
stk::mesh::Field< Scalar, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Tag4, Tag5, Tag6, Tag7 >Field with defined data type and multi-dimensions (if any)
stk::mesh::FieldBaseField base class with an anonymous data type and anonymous multi-dimension
stk::mesh::FieldRelationA defined entity-relationship between a field of a pointer type and the field that it should point to
stk::mesh::FieldTraits< Field< Scalar, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Tag4, Tag5, Tag6, Tag7 > >Scalar type and multi-dimensional array traits of a Field
stk::mesh::FieldTraits< Field< Scalar, void, void, void, void, void, void, void > >Scalar type and multi-dimensional array traits of a Field
stk::mesh::FullTensorImplement an shards::ArrayDimTag for FullTensor
stk::mesh::GhostingData for ghosting mesh entities
stk::GreaterCaseCase-insensitive greater-than compare binary function object
stk::GreaterEqualCaseCase-insensitive greater-than-or-equal-to compare binary function object
stk::search::ident::IdentProc< K, P >Class template <class K, class P> IdentProc<K,P>
ignorecase_traitsClass ignorecase_traits is a character traits class that ignores case during compares
stk::IndexList< I0, I1, I2, I3, I4, I5, I6, I7, I8, I9, I10, I11, I12, I13, I14, I15, I16, I17, I18, I19, I20, I21, I22, I23, I24, I25, I26, I27, I28, I29, I30, I31 >Compile-time list of indices
stk::IndexListAt< List, J >Access member of compile-time list of indices
stk::diag::LapCountLap counter metric tag
stk::LessCaseCase-insensitive less-than compare binary function object
stk::LessEqualCaseCase-insensitive less-than-or-equal-to compare binary function object
stk::linsys::LinearSystemContainer of linear-system (matrix, vectors) and mapping objects
stk::LogControlClass LogControl provides a mechanism for reducing excessive output
stk::LogControlRuleInterface LogControlRule describes the interface to a log control rule
stk::LogControlRuleAlwaysClass LogControlRuleAlways is a log control rule that always wants to write to the log file
stk::MakeTypeList< T00, T01, T02, T03, T04, T05, T06, T07, T08, T09, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16, T17, T18, T19, T20, T21, T22, T23, T24, T25, T26, T27, T28, T29, T30, T31, T32, T33, T34, T35, T36, T37, T38, T39, T40, T41, T42, T43, T44, T45, T46, T47, T48, T49, T50, T51, T52, T53, T54, T55, T56, T57, T58, T59, T60, T61, T62, T63 >Member typedef ..
stk::MarshalStruct Marshal is a data packer for sending and receiving parallel messages
stk::MessageCodeClass MessageCode declares a message identifier and throttle characteristics for a message
stk::mesh::MetaDataThe manager of an integrated collection of parts and fields
stk::diag::Timer::Metric< T >Class Metric maintains the metric data for the timer or counter
stk::diag::MPIByteCountMPI byte count metric tag
stk::diag::MPICountMPI call count metric tag
stk::NotEqualCaseCase-insensitive inequality compare binary function object
stk::OctTreeKeyType for identifying a particular node in a hierarchical oct-tree
PairIterIterate a span of a container defined by begin and end iterators
stk::util::ParallelIndex< K, P, D >Parallel cross-reference index for a collection of 'Key' keys
stk::mesh::PartAn application-defined subset of a problem domain
stk::mesh::PartLessOrdering operator for parts
stk::mesh::PartRelationA defined entity-relationship between parts
stk::ProductRegistryClass ProductRegistry maps product names and attributes to brief descriptive values
stk::mesh::Property< DataType >Property with defined data type and multi-dimensions (if any)
stk::mesh::Property< void >Property base class with an anonymous data type and anonymous multi-dimension
stk::mesh::RelationA relation between two mesh entities with a relation identifier and kind
stk::RuntimeDoomedAdHocClass RuntimeDoomedAdHoc reports an ad hoc doomed message to the report system
stk::RuntimeDoomedDeferredClass RuntimeDoomedDeferred reports a deferred fatal error message to the report system
stk::RuntimeDoomedSymmetricClass RuntimeDoomedSymmetric reports a fatal error message to the report system
stk::RuntimeWarningAdHocClass RuntimeWarningAdHoc reports an ad hoc warning message to the report system
stk::RuntimeWarningDeferredClass RuntimeWarningDeferred reports a deferred warning message to the report system
stk::RuntimeWarningSymmetricClass RuntimeWarningSymmetric reports a symmetric warning message to the report system
stk::SameType< T1, T2 >Member enum { value = ..
stk::mesh::SelectorThis is a class for selecting buckets based on a set of meshparts and set logic
stk::StaticAssert< expression >Compile-time assertionIf the compile-time expression is true then defines
stk::mesh::SymmetricTensorImplement an shards::ArrayDimTag for SymmetricTensor
stk::ThrottleClass Throttle describes the cutoff limits for a message throttle
stk::diag::TimeBlockClass TimeBlock is a time sentry for timing a statement block
stk::diag::TimeBlockSynchronizedClass TimeBlockSynchronized is a time sentry for timing a statement block
stk::diag::TimerClass Timer implements a diagnostic timer and timer container for the collection and display of execution times
stk::diag::TimerSetClass TimerSet implements a set of timer classifications
stk::mesh::TopologicalMetaDataAugment mesh meta data with topological meta data including entity ranks, shards' cell topologies appropriate for the given spatial dimension, and part to cell topology mapping
stk::mesh::TransactionTransaction journal of modifications to the bulk data during a transaction
stk::TypeList< Value, Tail >A link within a linked list of types
stk::TypeListAppend< ListA, T >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListAt< ListType, ordinal >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListClean< ListType >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListCount< ListType, TestValue >Member enum { value = ..
stk::TypeListDisjoint< ListA, ListB >Member enum { value = ..
stk::TypeListEraseAt< ListType, ordinal >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListFirst< ListType >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListIndex< ListType, TestValue, ordinal >Member enum { value = ..
stk::TypeListJoin< ListA, ListB >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListLast< ListType >Member typedef ..
stk::TypeListLength< ListType >Member enum { value = ..
stk::TypeListMember< ListType, TestValue >Member enum { value = ..
stk::TypeListUnique< ListType >Member enum { value = ..
UnitTestRingMeshFixtureThis fixture is not for public use and is only useful in the context of unit-testing
stk::diag::WallTimeWall clock metric tag
stk::diag::WriterClass Writer implements a runtime selectable diagnostic output writer to aid in the development and diagnostics of massively parallel applications
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