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Sierra Toolkit

The Sierra Toolkit contains the following products:

  • Sierra Toolkit Linear-System Assembly

    The Sierra Toolkit Linear-System Assembly package supports assembly of matrix/vector contributions from stk::mesh data into FEI interfaces which in turn support Trilinos and FETI data structures.

  • Sierra Toolkit Mesh

    The Sierra Toolkit Mesh supports parallel distributed, heterogeneous, and dynamically modifiable unstructured meshes with computational field data.

  • Sierra Toolkit Utilities

    The Sierra Toolkit Utility product provides many low level functions and classes which support the development of parallel applications.

How to...

  • Sierra Tookit Search

    • Coarse Search Interface
      • Create Coarse Searchers
      • Use Coarse Searchers
    • OctTree
      • Use OctTree as coarse search
      • Use OctTree stand alone
    • BIH
      • Use BihTree as coarse search
      • Use BihTree stand alone
    • ACME
      • Use ACME as coarse search
      • Use ACME stand alone
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