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Thyra_DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder.hpp File Reference
#include "Thyra_NonlinearSolverBuilderBase.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_AbstractFactory.hpp"
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class  Thyra::DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder
 Concrete subclass of Thyra::NonlinearSolverBuilderBase for creating NonlinearSolverBase objects and PreconditionerFactoryBase object on demand given configured factory objects. More...


namespace  Thyra


template<class NonlinearSolverType , class Scalar >
void setNonlinearSolverFactory (const std::string &nonlinearSolverTypeName, const Ptr< DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder< Scalar > > &defaultNonlinearSolverBuilder)
 Inject a new solver type into a DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder object.

Function Documentation

template<class NonlinearSolverType , class Scalar >
void setNonlinearSolverFactory ( const std::string &  nonlinearSolverTypeName,
const Ptr< DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder< Scalar > > &  defaultNonlinearSolverBuilder 

Inject a new solver type into a DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder object.

Definition at line 133 of file Thyra_DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder.hpp.

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