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Tpetra_CrsMatrixSolveOp_decl.hpp File Reference
#include <Kokkos_DefaultNode.hpp>
#include <Kokkos_DefaultKernels.hpp>
#include "Tpetra_ConfigDefs.hpp"
#include "Tpetra_Operator.hpp"
#include "Tpetra_CrsMatrix.hpp"

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class  Tpetra::CrsMatrixSolveOp< Scalar, MatScalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node, LocalMatOps >
 A class for wrapping a Tpetra::CrsMatrix solve in a Tpetra::Operator. More...


namespace  Tpetra

Namespace Tpetra contains the class and methods constituting the Tpetra library.

Detailed Description

The declarations for the class Tpetra::CrsMatrixSolveOp and related non-member constructors.

Definition in file Tpetra_CrsMatrixSolveOp_decl.hpp.

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