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amesos_paraklete_decl.h File Reference
#include "amesos_cholmod.h"
#include "amesos_cholmod_internal.h"
#include "amesos_btf_decl.h"
#include "amesos_klu_decl.h"
#include "mpi.h"
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struct  paraklete_common_struct
struct  paraklete_symbolic_struct
struct  paraklete_node_struct
struct  paraklete_numeric_struct
struct  paraklete_btf_symbolic_struct
struct  paraklete_btf_numeric_struct


#define DLONG
#define MPI(statement)   statement
#define MPI_Int   MPI_LONG
#define KLU_analyze   amesos_klu_l_analyze
#define KLU_factor   amesos_klu_l_factor
#define KLU_solve   amesos_klu_l_solve
#define KLU_symbolic   klu_l_symbolic
#define KLU_numeric   klu_l_numeric
#define KLU_common   klu_l_common
#define KLU_free_symbolic   amesos_klu_l_free_symbolic
#define KLU_free_numeric   amesos_klu_l_free_numeric
#define KLU_defaults   amesos_klu_l_defaults
#define BTF_order   amesos_btf_l_order
#define TAG0   0
#define NDEBUG
#define PK_OK   CHOLMOD_OK
#define PK_SINGULAR   (-5)
#define PK_UNKNOWN   (-6)
#define GET_COLUMN(Ap, Anz, Aix, j, Ai, Ax, len)
#define PK_HEADER   8
#define PK_STATUS   header[0]
#define PK_SN   header[1]
#define PK_SNZ   header[2]
#define PK_NFOUND   header[3]
#define PK_NLOST   header[4]
#define PK_NN   header[5]
#define PK_NPIV   header[6]
#define PK_SSIZE   header[7]
#define PARAKLETE_MAGIC   (-42)
#define PARAKLETE_ERROR(status, message)   amesos_paraklete_error (status, __FILE__, __LINE__, message, Common) ;
#define PARAKLETE_DATE   "Nov 27, 2007"
#define PARAKLETE_VERSION_CODE(main, sub)   ((main) * 1000 + (sub))
#define PR0(params)
#define PR1(params)
#define PR2(params)
#define PR3(params)
#define DEBUG(statement)
#define ASSERT(expression)


typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct


paraklete_btf_symbolicamesos_paraklete_btf_analyze (cholmod_sparse *A, paraklete_common *Common)
paraklete_btf_numericamesos_paraklete_btf_factorize (cholmod_sparse *A, paraklete_btf_symbolic *LU_btf_symbolic, paraklete_common *Common)
Int amesos_paraklete_btf_solve (paraklete_btf_numeric *LU_btf_numeric, paraklete_btf_symbolic *LU_btf_symbolic, double *B, paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_btf_free_symbolic (paraklete_btf_symbolic **LU_btf_symbolic_handle, paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_btf_free_numeric (paraklete_btf_numeric **LU_btf_numeric_handle, paraklete_common *Common)
paraklete_btf_symbolicamesos_paraklete_btf_alloc_symbolic (Int n, Int nblocks, paraklete_common *Common)
paraklete_symbolicamesos_paraklete_analyze (cholmod_sparse *A, paraklete_common *Common)
paraklete_numericamesos_paraklete_factorize (cholmod_sparse *A, paraklete_symbolic *LUsymbolic, paraklete_common *Common)
Int amesos_paraklete_kernel (cholmod_sparse *A, paraklete_node *LUnode, paraklete_common *Common)
Int amesos_paraklete_factorize_node (Int c, paraklete_numeric *LU, paraklete_symbolic *LUsymbolic, paraklete_common *Common)
Int amesos_paraklete_solve (paraklete_numeric *LU, paraklete_symbolic *LUsymbolic, double *B, paraklete_common *Common)
Int amesos_paraklete_lsolve_node (Int c, paraklete_numeric *LU, paraklete_symbolic *LUsymbolic, paraklete_common *Common)
Int amesos_paraklete_usolve_node (Int c, paraklete_numeric *LU, paraklete_symbolic *LUsymbolic, paraklete_common *Common)
paraklete_symbolicamesos_paraklete_alloc_symbolic (Int n, Int ncomponents, Int do_Rperm, paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_free_symbolic (paraklete_symbolic **LUsymbolicHandle, paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_free_numeric (paraklete_numeric **LUHandle, paraklete_common *Common)
paraklete_symbolicamesos_paraklete_reanalyze (cholmod_sparse *A, paraklete_numeric *LU, paraklete_symbolic *LUsymbolic, paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_start (Int nproc, Int myid, paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_finish (paraklete_common *Common)
void amesos_paraklete_error (Int status, char *filename, Int line, char *message, paraklete_common *Common)


Int my_tries

Define Documentation

#define DLONG

Definition at line 23 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define MPI (   statement)    statement

Definition at line 33 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define MPI_Int   MPI_LONG

Definition at line 39 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_analyze   amesos_klu_l_analyze

Definition at line 42 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_factor   amesos_klu_l_factor

Definition at line 43 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_solve   amesos_klu_l_solve

Definition at line 44 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_symbolic   klu_l_symbolic

Definition at line 45 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_numeric   klu_l_numeric

Definition at line 46 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_common   klu_l_common

Definition at line 47 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_free_symbolic   amesos_klu_l_free_symbolic

Definition at line 48 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_free_numeric   amesos_klu_l_free_numeric

Definition at line 49 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define KLU_defaults   amesos_klu_l_defaults

Definition at line 50 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define BTF_order   amesos_btf_l_order

Definition at line 52 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define TAG0   0

Definition at line 54 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define NDEBUG

Definition at line 58 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_OK   CHOLMOD_OK

Definition at line 83 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.


Definition at line 84 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.


Definition at line 85 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_SINGULAR   (-5)

Definition at line 86 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_UNKNOWN   (-6)

Definition at line 87 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define GET_COLUMN (   Ap,
{ \
    Int getp = Ap [j] ; \
    len = Anz [j] ; \
    Ai = (Int *) (Aix + getp) ; \
    Ax = (double *) (Aix + getp + ((len + 1) / 2)) ; \

Definition at line 212 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_HEADER   8

Definition at line 229 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_STATUS   header[0]

Definition at line 233 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_SN   header[1]

Definition at line 235 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_SNZ   header[2]

Definition at line 237 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_NFOUND   header[3]

Definition at line 239 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_NLOST   header[4]

Definition at line 241 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_NN   header[5]

Definition at line 243 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_NPIV   header[6]

Definition at line 248 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PK_SSIZE   header[7]

Definition at line 253 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PARAKLETE_MAGIC   (-42)

Definition at line 389 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PARAKLETE_ERROR (   status,
)    amesos_paraklete_error (status, __FILE__, __LINE__, message, Common) ;

Definition at line 581 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PARAKLETE_DATE   "Nov 27, 2007"

Definition at line 591 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PARAKLETE_VERSION_CODE (   main,
)    ((main) * 1000 + (sub))

Definition at line 592 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.


Definition at line 593 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.


Definition at line 594 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.


Definition at line 595 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PR0 (   params)

Definition at line 623 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PR1 (   params)

Definition at line 624 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PR2 (   params)

Definition at line 625 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define PR3 (   params)

Definition at line 626 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define DEBUG (   statement)

Definition at line 627 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

#define ASSERT (   expression)

Definition at line 628 of file amesos_paraklete_decl.h.

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

paraklete_btf_symbolic* amesos_paraklete_btf_analyze ( cholmod_sparse A,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 153 of file amesos_paraklete_btf.c.

paraklete_btf_numeric* amesos_paraklete_btf_factorize ( cholmod_sparse A,
paraklete_btf_symbolic LU_btf_symbolic,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 346 of file amesos_paraklete_btf.c.

Int amesos_paraklete_btf_solve ( paraklete_btf_numeric LU_btf_numeric,
paraklete_btf_symbolic LU_btf_symbolic,
double *  B,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 547 of file amesos_paraklete_btf.c.

void amesos_paraklete_btf_free_symbolic ( paraklete_btf_symbolic **  LU_btf_symbolic_handle,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 690 of file amesos_paraklete_btf.c.

void amesos_paraklete_btf_free_numeric ( paraklete_btf_numeric **  LU_btf_numeric_handle,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 749 of file amesos_paraklete_btf.c.

paraklete_btf_symbolic* amesos_paraklete_btf_alloc_symbolic ( Int  n,
Int  nblocks,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 100 of file amesos_paraklete_btf.c.

paraklete_symbolic* amesos_paraklete_analyze ( cholmod_sparse A,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 147 of file amesos_paraklete_analyze.c.

paraklete_numeric* amesos_paraklete_factorize ( cholmod_sparse A,
paraklete_symbolic LUsymbolic,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 378 of file amesos_paraklete_factorize.c.

Int amesos_paraklete_kernel ( cholmod_sparse A,
paraklete_node LUnode,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 707 of file amesos_paraklete_kernel.c.

Int amesos_paraklete_factorize_node ( Int  c,
paraklete_numeric LU,
paraklete_symbolic LUsymbolic,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 156 of file amesos_paraklete_node.c.

Int amesos_paraklete_solve ( paraklete_numeric LU,
paraklete_symbolic LUsymbolic,
double *  B,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 24 of file amesos_paraklete_solve.c.

Int amesos_paraklete_lsolve_node ( Int  c,
paraklete_numeric LU,
paraklete_symbolic LUsymbolic,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 16 of file amesos_paraklete_lsolve_node.c.

Int amesos_paraklete_usolve_node ( Int  c,
paraklete_numeric LU,
paraklete_symbolic LUsymbolic,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 16 of file amesos_paraklete_usolve_node.c.

paraklete_symbolic* amesos_paraklete_alloc_symbolic ( Int  n,
Int  ncomponents,
Int  do_Rperm,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 1020 of file amesos_paraklete_analyze.c.

void amesos_paraklete_free_symbolic ( paraklete_symbolic **  LUsymbolicHandle,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 1128 of file amesos_paraklete_analyze.c.

void amesos_paraklete_free_numeric ( paraklete_numeric **  LUHandle,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 176 of file amesos_paraklete_factorize.c.

paraklete_symbolic* amesos_paraklete_reanalyze ( cholmod_sparse A,
paraklete_numeric LU,
paraklete_symbolic LUsymbolic,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 29 of file amesos_paraklete_reanalyze.c.

void amesos_paraklete_start ( Int  nproc,
Int  myid,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 21 of file amesos_paraklete_start.c.

void amesos_paraklete_finish ( paraklete_common Common)

Definition at line 16 of file amesos_paraklete_finish.c.

void amesos_paraklete_error ( Int  status,
char *  filename,
Int  line,
char *  message,
paraklete_common Common 

Definition at line 19 of file amesos_paraklete_error.c.

Variable Documentation

Int my_tries
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