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Amesos -- History of visible changes

This file reports (some of) the visible changes to Amesos.
Please submit Amesos bugs at


Feb 2006

*) Added support for MC64 algorithm (reordering and scaling).
   [M. Sala]


Jan 2006

*) Cleaned the MUMPS interface. Improved memory management by using smart
   pointers. Dropped the not-so-well-tested single-precision MUMPS.
   Improved passing of CNTL and ICNTL through the parameter list. Momentarily
   dropped support for Schur complement computation.
   [M. Sala]


Nov 2005

*) Increases the performances of the UMFPACK interface by a factor of
   at least 2. This means that the time requires by the Amesos wrappers
   is reduced by 2 -- the time required by UMFPACK still is unaffected.
   [M. Sala]

*) Added to (almost) all classes profiling to evaluate how much time
   is spent in the amesos wrappers (that is, without considering any
   of the time spent in the called solver). This time is printed on
   screen when PrintTiming() is called.
   [M. Sala]

*) Added methods PrintStatus() and PrintTiming() to the Amesos_BaseSolver 
   [M. Sala]


July 2005

*) Added Makefile.export.amesos. Users who want to take advantage of
   Amesos in their codes only have to import this file in the application's
   Makefile, then use the variables AMESOS_INCLUDES and AMESOS_LIBS to
   specify the location of the header files and the location and name of
   all libraries required to link with Amesos.
   [M. Sala and R. Pawlowsky]

June 2005

*) Added full support for Teuchos' RCP to SuperLU_DIST and LAPACK
   class. All objects allocated by these two classes are automatically 
   destroyed by the RCP, therefore reducing possible memory leaks.
   The code of Amesos_Lapack is now sensibly shorter and easier to read.
   [M. Sala]

May 2005

*) Minor changes to the web site.

*) Added support for PARDISO. The interface, called Amesos_Pardiso, 
   supports non-symmetric matrices only, and makes use of Teuchos's
   RCP to manage memory. Added description of this class and
   the corresponding parameters to the reference guide. [M. Sala]

*) Added support for TAUCS. The TAUCS interface makes use of Teuchos'
   RCP to manage memory. Added description to the reference guide.
   [M. Sala]

*) Re-design the interfaces by adding classes Amesos_Time, Amesos_Status
   and Amesos_Utils. Also updated the documentation, and added support
   for RCP for memory management. to make the solvers more
   robust. [M. Sala]

*) A first version of Paraklete is added to the repository. [T. Davis]

April 2005

*) Added support for Python. Now all enabled Amesos third-party library can
   be accessed through Python. The user has to define an Amesos_Factory,
   then an Amesos_BaseSolver, finally call the sequence of
   SymbolicFactorization(), NumericFactorization() and Solve() as required.
   The Amesos package requires Epetra.  [M. Sala].

March 2005

*) Updated the reference guide. [M. Sala]

February 2005

*) Trilinos 5.0 is released with Amesos 2.0.

January 2005

*) Added copyright notice to most files. [K. Stanley]

*) Added and updated tests for the Trilinos 5.0 release. [K. Stanley, M. Sala]

*) Parameter AddToDiag is introduced to make ML's coarse solver more
   reliable in certain situations.

Sep 2004

*) Reference Guide of Amesos 2.0 is available. [M. Sala]

*) DSCPACK interface is added. [K. Stanley]
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