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BelosTypes.hpp File Reference

Collection of types and exceptions used within the Belos solvers. More...

#include "BelosConfigDefs.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_TestForException.hpp"
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class  Belos::BelosError
 An std::exception class parent to all Belos exceptions. More...


namespace  Belos


enum  Belos::ETrans { Belos::NOTRANS = 0, Belos::TRANS = 1, Belos::CONJTRANS = 2 }
 Enumerated list for describing the application of an operator. More...
enum  Belos::NormType { Belos::OneNorm, Belos::TwoNorm, Belos::InfNorm }
 Enumerated list for describing the multivector norm type. More...
enum  Belos::ScaleType {
  Belos::NormOfRHS, Belos::NormOfInitRes, Belos::NormOfPrecInitRes, Belos::None,
 Enumerated list for describing the type of scaling used on the residual. More...
enum  Belos::OutputType { Belos::General, Belos::Brief }
 Enumerated list for describing the style of output used to display status test information. More...
enum  Belos::ReturnType { Belos::Converged, Belos::Unconverged }
enum  Belos::StatusType { Belos::Passed = 0x1, Belos::Failed = 0x2, Belos::Undefined = 0x4 }
enum  Belos::ResetType { Belos::Problem = 0x1, Belos::RecycleSubspace = 0x2 }
enum  Belos::ConjType { Belos::NO_CONJ, Belos::CONJ }
enum  Belos::MsgType {
  Belos::Errors = 0, Belos::Warnings = 0x1, Belos::IterationDetails = 0x2, Belos::OrthoDetails = 0x4,
  Belos::FinalSummary = 0x8, Belos::TimingDetails = 0x10, Belos::StatusTestDetails = 0x20, Belos::Debug = 0x40
 Enumerated list of available message types recognized by the linear solvers. More...


const char * Belos::toString (const StatusType status)

Detailed Description

Collection of types and exceptions used within the Belos solvers.

Definition in file BelosTypes.hpp.

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