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Belos::OperatorTraits< ScalarType, MV, OP > Class Template Reference

Traits class which defines basic traits for the operator type. More...

#include <BelosOperatorTraits.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void Apply (const OP &Op, const MV &x, MV &y, ETrans trans=NOTRANS)
 Apply Op to x, putting the result into y.

Detailed Description

template<class ScalarType, class MV, class OP>
class Belos::OperatorTraits< ScalarType, MV, OP >

Traits class which defines basic traits for the operator type.

A specialization of this traits class must exist for the MV and OP types. If not, this class will produce a compile-time error.


BlockCG/BlockCGEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockCG/BlockPrecCGEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockCG/PseudoBlockCGEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockCG/PseudoBlockPrecCGEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockGmres/BlockFlexGmresEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockGmres/BlockGmresEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockGmres/BlockGmresPolyEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockGmres/BlockPrecGmresEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockGmres/PseudoBlockGmresEpetraExFile.cpp, BlockGmres/PseudoBlockPrecGmresEpetraExFile.cpp, GCRODR/GCRODREpetraExFile.cpp, GCRODR/PrecGCRODREpetraExFile.cpp, PCPG/PCPGEpetraExFile.cpp, and TFQMR/TFQMREpetraExFile.cpp.

Definition at line 83 of file BelosOperatorTraits.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class ScalarType , class MV , class OP >
static void Belos::OperatorTraits< ScalarType, MV, OP >::Apply ( const OP &  Op,
const MV &  x,
MV &  y,
ETrans  trans = NOTRANS 
) [inline, static]

Apply Op to x, putting the result into y.

If applying the (conjugate) transpose of Op is supported, you may do this as well. If not, or if there is some other error, an OperatorError exception is thrown.

Definition at line 93 of file BelosOperatorTraits.hpp.

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