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EqnBuffer Member List
This is the complete list of members for EqnBuffer, including all inherited members.
addEqn(int eqnNumber, const double *coefs, const int *indices, int len, bool accumulate, bool create_indices_union=false)EqnBuffer
addEqns(EqnBuffer &inputEqns, bool accumulate)EqnBuffer
addIndices(int eqnNumber, const int *indices, int len)EqnBuffer
addRHS(int eqnNumber, int rhsIndex, double value, bool accumulate=true)EqnBuffer
EqnBuffer(const EqnBuffer &src)EqnBuffer
eqnNumbers()EqnBuffer [inline]
eqns()EqnBuffer [inline]
getCoef(int eqnNumber, int colIndex, double &coef)EqnBuffer
getCoefAndRemoveIndex(int eqnNumber, int colIndex, double &coef)EqnBuffer
getEqnIndex(int eqn)EqnBuffer
getNumEqns()EqnBuffer [inline]
getNumRHSs()EqnBuffer [inline]
isInIndices(int eqn)EqnBuffer
operator=(const EqnBuffer &src)EqnBuffer
removeIndex(int eqnNumber, int colIndex)EqnBuffer
rhsCoefsPtr()EqnBuffer [inline]
setNumRHSs(int n)EqnBuffer
~EqnBuffer()EqnBuffer [virtual]
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