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LinSysCore_flexible Class Reference

#include <fei_LinSysCore_flexible.hpp>

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virtual int resetConstraints (double s)=0
virtual int setMultCRComplete ()=0
virtual int constraintsLoadComplete ()=0

Detailed Description

Abstract interface that derives from LinearSystemCore and adds new functions related to changing constraint relations.

Definition at line 18 of file fei_LinSysCore_flexible.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int LinSysCore_flexible::resetConstraints ( double  s) [pure virtual]

Reset any previously-loaded lagrange multiplier constraint-relations.

virtual int LinSysCore_flexible::setMultCRComplete ( ) [pure virtual]

Signal that we're done calling the setMultCREqns function.

virtual int LinSysCore_flexible::constraintsLoadComplete ( ) [pure virtual]

Supply LinSysCore_flexible with information defining the structure of the constraint section of the global matrix. This function is similar to the LinearSystemCore::setMatrixStructure function, except that only the constraint section of the matrix is supplied, *AND* only the "row" portion. i.e., the structure of C is supplied, but not C^T. Note also, that only the *local* rows of the C matrix are supplied.

numLocalRowsNumber of local rows in C.
globalRowNumbersSpecifies whichrows in the global system matrix are occupied by the constraint matrix C, but only those rows which are locally stored.
rowLengthsList of length numLocalRows. Specifies how many column-entries are in each row of the constraint matrix C.
globalColIndicesTable containing the column-indices in C. This "table" has number-of-rows = numRows, and row i is of length rowLengths[i].
error-code 0 if successful Signal the underlying solver library that the loading of constraints is now complete. (Constraint-loading functions are in LinearSystemCore.) Important Note: This method, LinSysCore_flexible::constraintsLoadComplete() will be called *INSTEAD OF* LinearSystemCore::matrixLoadComplete().

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