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NodeDescriptor Class Reference

#include <fei_NodeDescriptor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool getFieldEqnNumber (int fieldID, int &eqnNumber) const
void getFieldID (int eqnNumber, int &fieldID, int &offset_into_field) const

Detailed Description

The NodeDescriptor class holds the information that the FEI implementation needs to know about the nodes in the finite element problem:

Global node identifier number of nodal degrees-of-freedom list of associated field identifiers, with their (global) equation numbers (global) blk-eqn number which processor is this node's owner list of (local) blocks that contain this node

Note: 'block' is used in two contexts here. There are element-blocks, and there are block-equations. Element-blocks refer to the blocks of elements in the finite-element problem, with all elements in a block containing the same number of solution fields per node, etc. Block-equations refer to the small dense sub-blocks of a block-entry sparse matrix. Each node is associated with a number of element-blocks, and each node has exactly one associated global 0-based block-equation number.

Definition at line 36 of file fei_NodeDescriptor.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool NodeDescriptor::getFieldEqnNumber ( int  fieldID,
int &  eqnNumber 
) const

Given a fieldID, return the first equation number associated with that field at this node.

false if fieldID is not present at this node

Definition at line 93 of file fei_NodeDescriptor.cpp.

void NodeDescriptor::getFieldID ( int  eqnNumber,
int &  fieldID,
int &  offset_into_field 
) const

Given an equation-number, get the associated fieldID and offset-into-field. throws an exception if the equation-number is not associated with this node.

Definition at line 108 of file fei_NodeDescriptor.cpp.

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