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snl_fei::SetTraits< SET_TYPE > Struct Template Reference

#include <snl_fei_SetTraits.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void insert (SET_TYPE *set_obj, typename SET_TYPE::key_type item)

Detailed Description

template<typename SET_TYPE>
struct snl_fei::SetTraits< SET_TYPE >

Define traits 'set' objects. For now, only 1 trait: inserting an item into a set, in cases where we don't care about the return-value. In general, we just call the set's insert method. But this trait will be specialized (in other headers) to call the 'insert2' method for special fei set objects.

Definition at line 23 of file snl_fei_SetTraits.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename SET_TYPE >
static void snl_fei::SetTraits< SET_TYPE >::insert ( SET_TYPE *  set_obj,
typename SET_TYPE::key_type  item 
) [inline, static]

insert item in specified set

Definition at line 25 of file snl_fei_SetTraits.hpp.

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