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AbstractLinAlgPack_MatrixSymNonsing.hpp File Reference
#include "AbstractLinAlgPack_MatrixNonsing.hpp"
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class  AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixSymNonsing
 Abstract base class for all polymorphic symmetrix nonsingular matrices that can be used to solve for linear systems relatively efficently. More...


namespace  AbstractLinAlgPack


void AbstractLinAlgPack::M_StMtInvMtM (MatrixSymOp *sym_gms_lhs, value_type alpha, const MatrixOp &mwo, BLAS_Cpp::Transp mwo_trans, const MatrixSymNonsing &mswof, MatrixSymNonsing::EMatrixDummyArg mwo_rhs)
 sym_gms_lhs = alpha * op(mwo) * inv(mswof) * op(mwo)'
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