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RTOp_obj_null_vtbl.h File Reference
#include "RTOp.h"
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struct RTOp_obj_type_vtbl_t RTOp_obj_null_vtbl

Variable Documentation

Virtual function table for a null (none) object.

The functions do the following:

  • get_obj_type_num_entries(...)
    • vtbl [in] Ignored
    • instance_data [in] Ignored
    • num_values [out] Returns 0
    • num_indexes [out] Returns 0
    • num_chars [out] Returns 0
  • obj_create(...)
    • vtbl [in] Ignored
    • instance_data [in] Ignored
    • obj [out] set to NULL
  • obj_reinit(...) Does nothing
  • obj_free(...) Does nothing
  • extract_state(...) Does nothing
  • load_state(...) Does nothing

Definition at line 101 of file RTOp_obj_null_vtbl.c.

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