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MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd Class Reference

This is a simple track class for getting statistics about a solved (or not solved) NLP. More...

#include <MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.hpp>

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 MoochoTrackerStatsStd (const ostream_ptr_t &o, const ostream_ptr_t &journal_out)
 Construct with an output stream object.
void set_output_stream (const ostream_ptr_t &o)
const ostream_ptr_tget_output_stream () const
 Get the output stream for statistics outputting.

Overridden from AlgorithmTracker

void initialize ()
 Restarts the timer.
void output_iteration (const Algorithm &algo) const
void output_final (const Algorithm &algo, EAlgoReturn algo_return) const

Detailed Description

This is a simple track class for getting statistics about a solved (or not solved) NLP.

When output_final(...) is called the output stream will have the following written to it:

{verbatim} status = solved; # solved, except, max_iter, max_run_time niter = 10; # Number of rSQP iterations nfunc = 15; # max( number f(x) evals, number c(x) evals ) ngrad = 13; # max( number Gf(x) evals, number Gc(x) evals ) CPU = 0.50; # Number of CPU seconds total obj_func = 1.046e-2; # Objective function value f(x) at final point feas_kkt_err = 2.457e-10; # Feasibility error at final point (scaled ||c(x)||inf) opt_kkt_err = 4.568e-7; # Optimality error at final point (scaled ||rGL||inf) nact = 40; # Number of total active constraints at the final point nbasis_change = 1; # Number of basis changes nquasi_newton = 6; # Number of quasi-newton updates {verbatim}

Any statistic that is not known will be given the value '-'. If the returned status is 'execpt' then some exception was thrown or some other error occured so current information may not be available. In this case every effort is made to fill the rest of the information from prior iterations. The names of these fields will not change and the 'stat = value; # comment' format can be counted. However, the spacing and the precision of the numbers may be different from what is shown above.

Definition at line 66 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd::MoochoTrackerStatsStd ( const ostream_ptr_t o,
const ostream_ptr_t journal_out 

Construct with an output stream object.

Definition at line 54 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd::set_output_stream ( const ostream_ptr_t o)

Definition at line 62 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.cpp.

const MoochoTrackerStatsStd::ostream_ptr_t & MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd::get_output_stream ( ) const

Get the output stream for statistics outputting.

Definition at line 68 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.cpp.

void MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd::initialize ( ) [virtual]

Restarts the timer.

Reimplemented from AlgorithmTracker.

Definition at line 73 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.cpp.

void MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd::output_iteration ( const Algorithm algo) const

Definition at line 80 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.cpp.

void MoochoPack::MoochoTrackerStatsStd::output_final ( const Algorithm algo,
EAlgoReturn  algo_return 
) const

Definition at line 97 of file MoochoPack_MoochoTrackerStatsStd.cpp.

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