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NOX::LAPACK::Matrix< T > Class Template Reference

A simple square matrix class for use by NOX::LAPACK::Group. More...

#include <NOX_LAPACK_Matrix.H>

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 Matrix ()
 Create an empty matrix.
 Matrix (int m, int n)
 Create a m x n matrix with all entries zero.
 Matrix (const Matrix &a)
 Copy constructor.
 ~Matrix ()
T & operator() (int i, int j)
 Access the (i,j) entry of A.
const T & operator() (int i, int j) const
 Access the (i,j) entry of A.
void scale (T v)
 Scale the matrix by a constant value.
bool print (std::ostream &stream) const
 Prints out the matrix.
int numRows () const
 Returns the number of rows in the matrix.
int numCols () const
 Returns the number of columns in the matrix.

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class NOX::LAPACK::Matrix< T >

A simple square matrix class for use by NOX::LAPACK::Group.

The matrix is stored as a vector<T> array. It is templated so it can store entries of different types. For example, the LOCA LAPACK group stores a complex matrix for Hopf tracking.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void NOX::LAPACK::Matrix< T >::scale ( v) [inline]

Scale the matrix by a constant value.

This is needed to manipulate matrices in the LOCA library routines.

Referenced by LOCA::LAPACK::Group::augmentJacobianForHomotopy(), and LOCA::LAPACK::Interface::computeShiftedMatrix().

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