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NOX::Petsc Namespace Reference

NOX Petsc support. More...


class  Group
 Concrete implementation of NOX::Abstract::Group for Petsc. More...
class  Interface
 Used by NOX::Petsc::Group to provide a link to the external code for F and Jacobian evaluations (if needed). More...
class  Options
 Class to convert solver options from command line (or command input file) into a form usable by NOX. More...
class  SharedJacobian
 Shared Jacobian for NOX::Petsc::Group objects. More...
class  Vector
 Implementation of NOX::Abstract::Vector for Petsc vectors. More...

Detailed Description

NOX Petsc support.

NOX provides support for PETSc data structures through concrete implementations of the NOX::Abstract::Group and NOX::Abstract::Vector. A SharedJacobian class exists which for now simply wraps a PETSc matrix used as the Jacobian. Future enhancements may include generalizing this to an operator supporting the finite-difference and matrix-free capabilities provided in PETSc.

An Interface class provides callbacks to the application needed for function (residual) evaluations and possibly matrix (Jacobian) fills.

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