Optika GUI Toolik Version of the Day
Optika_GUI.cpp File Reference
#include <QApplication>
#include <QtGui>
#include <QString>
#include "Optika_GUI.hpp"
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namespace  Optika

Basic Input Getting Function

void Optika::getInput (RCP< ParameterList > validParameters, RCP< DependencySheet > dependencySheet=null, void(*customFunc)(RCP< const ParameterList >)=NULL)
 Retreives the input for a Teuchos Parameter List using a GUI. Note the Parameter List will be edited. All user input will be stored in it. Also runs the function specified whenever the user clicks the action button and uses the specified dependency list.
void Optika::getInput (const std::string &nameOfXmlFile, RCP< ParameterList > &userInput, void(*customFunc)(RCP< const ParameterList >)=NULL)
 Reads in a set of parameters and dependencies from the specified xmlfile, displays a GUI, and stores the users input in the sprecified ParameterList. If a custom function is provided, it is run upon the user clicking the action button.
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