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FadUnitTests2.hpp File Reference
#include "Sacado.hpp"
#include "Sacado_Random.hpp"
#include <cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h>
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class  FadOpsUnitTest2< FadType, ScalarType >
class  RealFadOpsUnitTest2< FadType, ScalarType >


#define COMPARE_VALUES(a, b)   CPPUNIT_ASSERT( std::abs(a-b) < this->tol_a + this->tol_r*std::abs(a) );
#define COMPARE_FADS(a, b)

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#define COMPARE_VALUES (   a,
)    CPPUNIT_ASSERT( std::abs(a-b) < this->tol_a + this->tol_r*std::abs(a) );

Definition at line 42 of file FadUnitTests2.hpp.

#define COMPARE_FADS (   a,
CPPUNIT_ASSERT(a.size() == b.size());     \
CPPUNIT_ASSERT(a.hasFastAccess() == b.hasFastAccess()); \
COMPARE_VALUES(a.val(), b.val());     \
for (int i=0; i<a.size(); i++) {      \
  COMPARE_VALUES(a.dx(i), b.dx(i));     \
  COMPARE_VALUES(a.fastAccessDx(i), b.fastAccessDx(i)); \
 }              \

Definition at line 45 of file FadUnitTests2.hpp.

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