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stk::mesh::BucketIterator Class Reference

A random access iterator for a bucket that dereferences to a entity reference. More...

#include <Bucket.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename intType >
 BucketIterator (const Bucket *const bucket_ptr, intType offset)
 BucketIterator ()
 Default constructor.
 BucketIterator (const BucketIterator &i)
 Copy Constructor.
BucketIteratoroperator= (const BucketIterator &i)
 Assignment operator.
Entityoperator* () const
 Dereference operator.
Entityoperator-> () const
 Pointer operator.
BucketIteratoroperator++ ()
 Pre increment.
BucketIteratoroperator-- ()
 Pre decrement.
BucketIterator operator++ (int)
 Post increment.
BucketIterator operator-- (int)
 Post decrement.
bool operator< (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Less than.
bool operator<= (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Less than equal to.
bool operator> (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Greater than.
bool operator>= (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Greater than equal to.
bool operator== (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Equal to.
bool operator!= (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Not equal.
BucketIteratoroperator+= (int n)
BucketIteratoroperator-= (int n)
BucketIterator operator+ (int n) const
BucketIterator operator- (int n) const
ptrdiff_t operator- (const BucketIterator &i) const
 Distance between iterators.
template<typename intType >
Entityoperator[] (const intType &n) const


struct BucketArray
template<class field_type >
FieldTraits< field_type >
::data_type * 
field_data (const field_type &f, const BucketIterator &i)
 Pointer to the field data array.

Detailed Description

A random access iterator for a bucket that dereferences to a entity reference.

Definition at line 76 of file Bucket.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename intType >
stk::mesh::BucketIterator::BucketIterator ( const Bucket *const  bucket_ptr,
intType  offset 
) [inline]


bucket_ptrbucket pointer

Definition at line 97 of file Bucket.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

Entity& stk::mesh::BucketIterator::operator* ( ) const [inline]

Dereference operator.

entity reference

Definition at line 124 of file Bucket.hpp.

Entity* stk::mesh::BucketIterator::operator-> ( ) const [inline]

Pointer operator.

entity pointer

Definition at line 129 of file Bucket.hpp.

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