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stk::mesh::fixtures::BoxFixture Class Reference

#include <BoxFixture.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef int BOX [3][2]

Public Member Functions

 BoxFixture (stk::ParallelMachine pm=MPI_COMM_WORLD, unsigned block_size=1000, const std::vector< std::string > &entity_names=stk::mesh::fem::entity_rank_names(spatial_dimension))
fem::FEMMetaDatafem_meta ()
BulkDatabulk_data ()
unsigned comm_size () const
unsigned comm_rank () const
void generate_boxes (const BOX root_box, BOX local_box)
Entityget_new_entity (EntityRank rank, EntityId parallel_dependent_id)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void box_partition (int ip, int up, int axis, const BOX box, BOX p_box[])

Protected Attributes

fem::FEMMetaData m_fem_meta
BulkData m_bulk_data
unsigned m_comm_rank
unsigned m_comm_size
BulkData::BulkDataSyncState m_previous_state

Detailed Description

A fixture that creates a "box" mesh of hexes

Definition at line 26 of file BoxFixture.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void stk::mesh::fixtures::BoxFixture::generate_boxes ( const BOX  root_box,
BOX  local_box 

Generate a box mesh which is globally ( ngx X ngy X ngz ) elements where: ngx = root_box[0][1] - root_box[0][0] ; ngy = root_box[1][1] - root_box[1][0] ; ngz = root_box[2][1] - root_box[2][0] ;

The box is partitioned via recursive coordinate bisection and the resulting local box are given in 'local_box'.

Definition at line 44 of file BoxFixture.cpp.

void stk::mesh::fixtures::BoxFixture::box_partition ( int  ip,
int  up,
int  axis,
const BOX  box,
BOX  p_box[] 
) [static, protected]

Recursively split a box into ( up - ip ) sub-boxes

Definition at line 108 of file BoxFixture.cpp.

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