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Sierra Toolkit

The Sierra Toolkit contains the following products:

  • Sierra Toolkit I/O Routines

    The Sierra Toolkit IO product contains functions related to the transfer of data between the Ioss classes and the stk::mesh classes. These functions do not provide a total turnkey mesh reading or results writing capability; rather, they provide helper functions for the application to use which make it easier to read and/or write the data. The application has full control over the mesh reading and results/restart writing.

    The basic flow chart for reading mesh data from the Ioss and defining and populating an stk::mesh structure is shown in the stk_example_io namespace and the stk_io/use_cases/io_example.cpp file.

  • Sierra Toolkit Linear-System Assembly

    The Sierra Toolkit Linear-System Assembly package supports assembly of matrix/vector contributions from stk::mesh data into FEI interfaces which in turn support Trilinos and FETI data structures.

  • Sierra Toolkit Mesh

    The Sierra Toolkit Mesh supports parallel distributed, heterogeneous, and dynamically modifiable unstructured meshes with computational field data.

  • Sierra Toolkit Rebalance

    The Sierra Toolkit Rebalance package supports computing a new mesh partition to reduce computational load imbalance and the corresponding migration of mesh entities to the new partition.

  • Sierra Toolkit Utilities

    The Sierra Toolkit Utility product provides many low level functions and classes which support the development of parallel applications.

How to...

  • Sierra Tookit Algorithm Support

    • Thread Support
      • Create Thread Algorithms
    • CUDA Support
      • Create Cuda Algorithms
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