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eastl::rel_ops Namespace Reference


template<typename T >
bool operator!= (const T &x, const T &y)
template<typename T >
bool operator> (const T &x, const T &y)
template<typename T >
bool operator<= (const T &x, const T &y)
template<typename T >
bool operator>= (const T &x, const T &y)

Detailed Description


rel_ops allow the automatic generation of operators !=, >, <=, >= from just operators == and <. These are intentionally in the rel_ops namespace so that they don't conflict with other similar operators. To use these operators, add "using namespace std::rel_ops;" to an appropriate place in your code, usually right in the function that you need them to work. In fact, you will very likely have collision problems if you put such using statements anywhere other than in the .cpp file like so and may also have collisions when you do, as the using statement will affect all code in the module. You need to be careful about use of rel_ops.

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