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Stokhos::StandardStorage< ordinal_type, value_type > Class Template Reference

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struct  apply
 Turn StandardStorage into a meta-function class usable with mpl::apply. More...

Public Types

typedef value_type & reference
typedef const value_type & const_reference
typedef value_type * pointer
typedef const value_type * const_pointer

Public Member Functions

 StandardStorage (const ordinal_type &sz)
 ~StandardStorage ()
void init (const_reference v)
 Initialize values to a constant value.
void init (const_pointer v, const ordinal_type &sz=0)
 Initialize values to an array of values.
void load (pointer v)
 Load values to an array of values.
void resize (const ordinal_type &sz)
 Resize to new size (values are preserved)
ordinal_type size () const
 Return size.
const_reference operator[] (const ordinal_type &i) const
 Coefficient access (avoid if possible)
reference operator[] (const ordinal_type &i)
 Coefficient access (avoid if possible)
const_pointer coeff () const
 Get coefficients.
pointer coeff ()
 Get coefficients.

template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
class Stokhos::StandardStorage< ordinal_type, value_type >

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