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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Teko::AutoClone< CloneType, BaseType >
Teko::Epetra::BlockedEpetraOperatorTear about a user specified Epetra_Operator (CrsMatrix) using a vector of vectors of GIDs for each block
Teko::BlockImplicitLinearOpA virtual class that simplifies the construction of custom operators
Teko::BlockLowerTriInverseOpThis linear operator computes the inverse of a lower triangular matrix
Teko::BlockPreconditionerFactoryAbstract class which block preconditioner factories in Teko should be based on
Teko::BlockPreconditionerStateAn implementation of a state object for block preconditioners
Teko::BlockReorderManagerClass that describes how a flat blocked operator should be reordered
Teko::BlockUpperTriInverseOpThis linear operator computes the inverse of a upper triangular matrix
Teko::CloneFactory< CloneBaseType >
Teko::Epetra::DefaultMappingStrategyDefault mapping strategy for the basic EpetraOperatorWrapper
Teko::DiagnosticLinearOpThis linear operator prints diagnostics about operator application and creation times. It is useful for debugging problems and determining bottle necks
Teko::DiagnosticPreconditionerFactoryA class which builds a diagnostic operator to wrap the application of the inverse operator. Also times the construction of the inverse operator
Teko::DiagonallyScaledPreconditionerFactoryUsing an absolute row sum approximation of the matrix this factory creates an inverse using the explicity scaled matrix. The inverse of the scaling operation is automatically applied
Teko::DiagonalPreconditionerFactoryPreconditioner factory for building explcit inverse of diagonal operators. This includes block operators
Teko::Epetra::EpetraBlockPreconditionerA single Epetra wrapper for all the BlockPreconditioners
Teko::Epetra::EpetraOperatorWrapperImplements the Epetra_Operator interface with a Thyra LinearOperator. This enables the use of absrtact Thyra operators in AztecOO as preconditioners and operators, without being rendered into concrete Epetra matrices. This is my own modified version that was originally in Thyra
Teko::GaussSeidelPreconditionerFactoryA factory that creates a block Gauss Seidel preconditioner. The user must specify the solvers (or preconditioners) to use to approximately invert the diagonal operators
Teko::InverseFactoryAbstract class for building an inverse operator
Teko::Epetra::InverseFactoryOperatorA single Epetra wrapper for all operators constructed from an inverse operator
Teko::Epetra::InverseMappingStrategyFlip a mapping strategy object around to give the "inverse" mapping strategy
Teko::NS::InvLSCStrategyA strategy that takes a single inverse factory and uses that for all inverses. If no mass matrix is passed in the diagonal of the 1,1 block is used
Teko::IterativePreconditionerFactoryA class which applies a preconditioner repeatedly. The inherit assumption is that the preconditioner corresponds to a residual correction
Teko::NS::LSCPrecondStatePreconditioner state for the LSC factory
Teko::NS::LSCSIMPLECStrategyA strategy that takes a single inverse factory and uses that for all inverses. If no mass matrix is passed in the diagonal of the 1,1 block is used
Teko::NS::LSCStrategyStrategy for driving LSCPreconditionerFactory
Teko::LU2x2DiagonalStrategyStrategy for computing $A_00^{-1}$ and $S^{-1}$ in the LU2x2PreconditionerFactory. Uses the diagonal of $A_00$ to build $S$
Teko::LU2x2InverseOpThis linear operator approximates the inverse of a block $ 2\times 2 $ operator using a block $ LDU $ decomposition
Teko::LU2x2PreconditionerFactoryConstruct a preconditioner using a LDU dcomposition of a block 2x2 matrix
Teko::LU2x2StrategyAbstract strategy for computing inv(F) and inv(S) in the LU2x2PreconditionerFactory
Teko::Epetra::MappingStrategyAbstract Mapping strategy for an EpetraOperatorWrapper
Teko::MLPreconditionerFactoryClass that constructs and returns an ML preconditioner object that is capable of doing block smoothing
Teko::MLPreconditionerStateContains operator internals need for ML
Teko::NS::PCDStrategyStrategy for computing implementation of the Pressure convection diffusion preconditioner
Teko::PreconditionerAn extension of the Thyra::DefaultPreconditioner class with some specializations useful for use within Teko
Teko::PreconditionerFactoryAbstract class which block preconditioner factories in Teko should be based on
Teko::PreconditionerLinearOp< ScalarT >Class that wraps a PreconditionerBase object it makes it behave like a linear operator
Teko::PreconditionerStateAn implementation of a state object preconditioners
Teko::NS::PresLaplaceLSCStrategyA strategy that takes a single inverse factory and uses that for all inverses. If no mass matrix is passed in the diagonal of the 1,1 block is used
Teko::StaticLU2x2StrategyA simple strategy for use with LU2x2PreconditionerFactory, that offers static objects for inv(F) and inv(S)
Teko::StaticRequestCallback< DataT >
Teko::StratimikosFactoryConcrete preconditioner factory subclass based on ML
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