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Epetra_TsqrMessenger.hpp File Reference
#include <Tpetra_ConfigDefs.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Method for fetching TSQR::MessengerBase instance for use in the Epetra_MultiVector adaptor for TSQR.

(mfh 27 Oct 2010) This file is in Tpetra (rather than Epetra, where it would seem to belong) as a temporary fix. Otherwise, Epetra would need an optional package dependency on Teuchos and Kokkos, which would break third-party code linking to the Epetra library. Third-party code should use FIND_PACKAGE on Trilinos to get the correct list of libraries against which to link, but we make this easy temporary fix now so they have time to fix their build systems later.

Definition in file Epetra_TsqrMessenger.hpp.

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