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Amesos_BaseSolver.h File Reference
#include "Teuchos_RCP.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_ParameterListAcceptor.hpp"
#include "Epetra_LinearProblem.h"
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class  Amesos_BaseSolver
 Amesos_BaseSolver: A pure virtual class for direct solution of real-valued double-precision operators. More...


const int StructurallySingularMatrixError = -21
const int NumericallySingularMatrixError = -22

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Definition in file Amesos_BaseSolver.h.

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Definition at line 44 of file Amesos_BaseSolver.h.

Definition at line 45 of file Amesos_BaseSolver.h.

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