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NewMatNewMap.cpp File Reference
#include <assert.h>
#include "Amesos_ConfigDefs.h"
#include "Epetra_Map.h"
#include "Epetra_LocalMap.h"
#include "Epetra_CrsMatrix.h"
#include "Epetra_Comm.h"
#include "Epetra_Vector.h"
#include "Teuchos_RCP.hpp"
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int SmallRowPermute (int in)
int BigRowPermute (int in)
int NoPermute (int in)
int SmallColPermute (int in)
RCP< Epetra_CrsMatrixNewMatNewMap (Epetra_CrsMatrix &In, int Diagonal, int ReindexRowMap, int ReindexColMap, int RangeMapType, int DomainMapType)

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int SmallRowPermute ( int  in)

Definition at line 14 of file NewMatNewMap.cpp.

int BigRowPermute ( int  in)

Definition at line 15 of file NewMatNewMap.cpp.

int NoPermute ( int  in)

Definition at line 16 of file NewMatNewMap.cpp.

int SmallColPermute ( int  in)

Definition at line 17 of file NewMatNewMap.cpp.

RCP<Epetra_CrsMatrix> NewMatNewMap ( Epetra_CrsMatrix In,
int  Diagonal,
int  ReindexRowMap,
int  ReindexColMap,
int  RangeMapType,
int  DomainMapType 

Definition at line 37 of file NewMatNewMap.cpp.

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