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GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils Namespace Reference


const std::string eta_name = "Armijo Slope Fraction"
const double eta_default = 1.0e-4
const std::string minFrac_name = "Min Backtrack Fraction"
const double minFrac_default = 0.1
const std::string maxFrac_name = "Max Backtrack Fraction"
const double maxFrac_default = 0.5
const std::string minIters_name = "Min Num Iterations"
const int minIters_default = 0
const std::string maxIters_name = "Max Num Iterations"
const int maxIters_default = 20
const std::string doMaxIters_name = "Do Max Iterations"
const bool doMaxIters_default = false

Variable Documentation

const std::string GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils::eta_name = "Armijo Slope Fraction"
const std::string GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils::minFrac_name = "Min Backtrack Fraction"
const std::string GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils::maxFrac_name = "Max Backtrack Fraction"
const std::string GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils::minIters_name = "Min Num Iterations"
const std::string GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils::maxIters_name = "Max Num Iterations"
const std::string GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearchUtils::doMaxIters_name = "Do Max Iterations"
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