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ml_ifpack_wrap.h File Reference

Interface to the Trilinos package Ifpack. More...

#include "ml_include.h"
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int ML_Smoother_Ifpack (ML_Smoother *sm, int inlen, double x[], int outlen, double rhs[])
void ML_Smoother_Clean_Ifpack (void *Ifpack_Handle)
int ML_Gen_Smoother_Ifpack (ML *ml, const char *Type, int Overlap, int nl, int pre_or_post, void *List, void *Comm)

Detailed Description

Interface to the Trilinos package Ifpack.

The ML/Amesos interface allows ML users to apply Ifpack iterative methods as smoothers.

Function Documentation

int ML_Gen_Smoother_Ifpack ( ML ml,
const char *  Type,
int  Overlap,
int  nl,
int  pre_or_post,
void *  List,
void *  Comm 

Generate the Ifpack smoother

void ML_Smoother_Clean_Ifpack ( void *  Ifpack_Handle)

Destroy the Ifpack smoother.

int ML_Smoother_Ifpack ( ML_Smoother *  sm,
int  inlen,
double  x[],
int  outlen,
double  rhs[] 

Apply the Ifpack smoother.

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