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Sacado_Fad_Vector.hpp File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "Sacado_Fad_DVFad.hpp"
#include "Sacado_Fad_VectorImp.hpp"
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class  Sacado::Fad::Vector< OrdinalType, FadType >
 A class for storing a contiguously allocated array of Fad objects. This is a general definition that will work for all Fad types, and is merely a wrapper around std::vector. A specialization for Sacado::Fad::DVFad providing contiguous allocation of values and derivatives is below. More...
class  Sacado::Fad::Vector< OrdinalType, Sacado::Fad::DVFad< ValueType > >
 A class for storing a contiguously allocated array of Fad objects where the values and derivative arrays for each Fad object are stored in contiguous memory. To preserve this structure, many vector operations aren't supported (like resizing). More...


namespace  Sacado

Abstract class that provides access to a parameter value in a code for the parameter library. An object of this type is required to construct a ParameterRegistration object.

namespace  Sacado::Fad

Namespace for forward-mode AD classes.


enum  Sacado::Fad::VectorDerivOrientation { Sacado::Fad::Row, Sacado::Fad::Column }
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