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Sacado::Fad::MemPool Class Reference

Memory pool. More...

#include <Sacado_Fad_MemPool.hpp>

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struct  Chunk
 Represents a memory chunk. More...
struct  Link
 Represents a memory element. More...

Public Member Functions

 MemPool (unsigned int elem_size, unsigned int n_elem, unsigned int pre_alloc=0)
 Constructor. elem_size is the size of elements, n_elem is the number of elements per chunk. pre_alloc is the number of chunks to pre-allocate.
 ~MemPool ()
void * alloc ()
 Allocate a new element.
void free (void *b)
 Free an element.
unsigned int numChunks () const
 Return number of allocated chunks.

Protected Attributes

const unsigned int esize
 Size of elements in a chunk.
const unsigned int n
 Number of elements per chunk.
const unsigned int csize
 Size of memory chunks.
 Pointer to memory chunks.
 Pointer to first free link.
unsigned int num_chunks
 Number of allocated chunks.

Detailed Description

Memory pool.

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