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Rebalance.hpp File Reference

Static functions for dynamic load balancing. More...

#include <string>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Types.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Entity.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Field.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/base/BulkData.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Selector.hpp>
#include <stk_rebalance/Partition.hpp>
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namespace  stk

Sierra Toolkit.

namespace  stk::rebalance


bool stk::rebalance::rebalance (mesh::BulkData &bulk_data, const mesh::Selector &selector, const VectorField *coord_ref, const ScalarField *elem_weight_ref, Partition &partition, const stk::mesh::EntityRank rank=stk::mesh::InvalidEntityRank)
 Rebalance with a Partition object.

Detailed Description

Static functions for dynamic load balancing.

The rebalance namespace is intended to provide an application the top level functions to perform a mesh redistribution. The action is controlled by instances of the Partition class that is passed into the rebalance function.

Definition in file Rebalance.hpp.

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